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Telekinesis, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

October 17 - November 15, 2013.


curator: David Stromberg








video, 4:55 minutes.

instalation version, 15:00 minutes.




The exhibition "Telekinesis" consisted of two synchronised video works and drawings.
"Yuli", a video projection on sanded glass set within a custom-made metal encasing depicts the karaoke performance of a young chinese woman.
Over the first 10 minutes of the video, the singer stares at the viewer, performing unscriptedly and appearing to wait for the score to start. During that time, the second video, "Roma" plays twice in a loop before coming to a silent stop and a black screen. 
At that point, the Chinese singer grabs the microphone standing next to her and starts singing a Chinese pop love song. As she finishes her performance, she returns to staring forward without movement, and "Roma" plays twice more.



video projection,15:00 minutes,

metal, sanded glass.


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