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Born 1985, Israel 
Lives and works in Shanghai and Tel Aviv, 

2005 - 2009 B.F.A., Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2008 Polish-Israeli Performance workshop given by Adina Bar-On, Artur Tajber, Arti Grabowski and Zbigniew Warpechowski

2008 IPAH Performance Summer Camp, Berlin, Germany

2008 Exchange studies, Esad, Strasbourg, France

2004 Camera Obscura School of Art (Cinema Department), Tel Aviv, Israel  


Solo Exhibitions 
Telekinesis, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, curated by David Stromberg 
Tempo Rubato, Tel Aviv 
Group Exhibitions 

Don't Stop the Dance, Tempo Rubato Gallery, Tel Aviv. 
Performance as part of the October issue, PAErsche at the Orangerie, Cologne and Maschinenhaus, Essen, Germany 
Performance, Bezazel gallery, Tel Aviv, selected by Raphael Zagury-Orly (April 2012) 
Transcendental Night, The Artists' Workshops, Tel Aviv, curated by Eitan Buganim 
Schwarze Wilde Haie, ZCA Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by Liav Mizrahi 
V.I.P 12, Ticho House, The Israel Museum, curated by Timna Seligman 
Alt Control, Gallery 121, Tel Aviv, Curated by Rivka Kave & Dina Levy 
By-Me, May Gallery, Jerusalem. Curated by Shosh Israeli, Matan Israeli 
Tenth anniversary of The Auschwitz Jewish Center, Performance, Ocweincim, Poland 
Sketches, Artists' Workshops, Sadnaot Haomanim, Jerusalem 
Aesthetics and Bias, Barbur Gallery, curated by Adina Bar-On 
Mitsad Sheni, Herzliya, curated by Noaa Sisilya Cohen, Orna Gatenio, Chen Oshri, Nirit Zamir 
Disposition, contributed to a performance by Adina Bar-On, Art TLV, Tel Aviv biennial 
Graduating students exhibition, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem 
Wailing Wall performance, final presentation of a Polish-Israeli performance workshop, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem 
Performance in Last minute performance event, curated by Arti Grabowski, Kawiarnia Naukowa Gallery, Krakow, Poland 



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